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Is Your Electrical Panel Up To Date? 1

In the modern world, we rely on the consistent delivery of electricity to our homes and businesses. The electrical infrastructure is so embedded into the world’s society that we can’t even imagine a day without it. As useful as the power grid is, it is dangerous and is to be, above all, respected. A great way to put your family’s safety first is to check your home’s electrical system often and install the replacement components when needed. Compromised electric panels (breaker boxes) can cause disastrous circumstances to arise if not managed quickly and professionally. Let’s take a few moments and see if your panel needs replacing.

Determine the panel’s age – After 25 to 30 years of use, it is time to replace your electrical panel. The thought of trying to get an extra 5 or 10 years out of your electrical system makes no sense and is an unnecessary risk. If you have the budget for an upgrade, do not hesitate.

Flickering lights – A flickering light is sometimes just a bad lamp or a bad bulb about to go. So don’t go tearing your house apart every time you notice a light flicker. However, if lights both plugged into wall outlets and mounted into your home’s structure flicker, this could be a telltale sign of a power issue.

Wi-Fi Drops – If you have already noticed the lights flickering, how about a spotty Wi-Fi connection? If your electric panel is old, there is a good possibility your router isn’t getting the current required to provide adequate reception. Any internet issues are a no-go in a time where most jobs and schools are remote

Fuse Box – Is your electrical panel up to date? Fuses still work, they are just an archaic technology. Every 20 to 40 years, panels in homes get replaced regardless, and with old technology being phased out we can further reduce many issues including house fires. If you have a fusebox in 2021, do yourself and your family a favor and upgrade it to a modern electrical panel.

If you believe your electrical system needs an update, contact Jenlor Electric. We are your go-to residential electricians! To get the most out of our society’s amazing electrical infrastructure, upgrades are paramount for both function and form. So, when you believe your electrical system needs an update, call us & remember to exercise extreme caution every time you work with electricity.