Most older homes need renovation if they haven’t been modernized in a while. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the old world charm of the home but with the simple addition of recessed lighting installed by the experts at Jenlor Electric, you can do more with less.


When considering adding in recessed lighting leave it to the pros. There are a few factors that are crucial for what kind of lighting your’e able to install. For example, recessed lighting has two different types of support and fixtures that depend on if your home is a new construction or remodel. New construction fixtures are supported by screwing or nailing the frame to the ceiling joists while remodel fixtures make installation easier if you don’t have access to the space above the ceiling.


Most older homes have lower ceilings than modern construction. This means that regular lighting can make a room or home feel crowded. Since we’re not using candlelight to move about at night anymore it’s important to have clear lighting to avoid injury and damage to your vision. Even if you do want to set that old-time mood lighting, recessed lighting has dimming features and smart technology to set the tone of the light and the intensity.


Some efficiency options of recessed lighting can use around 80 percent less electricity than others that provide the same light and look about the same. Using the pros of Jenlor Electric, you can guarantee that the fixtures can be efficiently designed and installed properly, allowing conditioned air to stay in the home instead of leak which is common when improperly done. Most recessed setups also use fluorescent bulbs, which reduce electricity consumption by 75 percent.