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The electrical panel is the main electrical hub for the entire building whether it’s a residence or commercial building. In fact, unless you need to reset a breaker or handle the panel during a power outage, you’ll rarely ever go into it. However, just like you need to upgrade other areas of your home, the electrical panel is no different! How can you tell it’s time for an upgrade though? Things like rust or age are a huge indication, but there are other signs too. Here’s what you need to know:
  • An Older Home: Even the most pristine electric panels have a shelf life, especially with regular use over the years. Depending on the use, it’s recommended that the panel is replaced every 25 to 40 years. As the components get older they will start to weaken putting the house at risk for electrical fires or other serious issues.
Circuit Breaker
  • New Appliances: It’s natural to upgrade appliances periodically, whether it’s replacing an old unit or remodeling a room. If it’s a bigger appliance, the electric panel you have now might not be able to handle the wattage. You’ll be avoiding quite a few circuit breaker trips if you have the panel upgraded.

  • Replacing a Fuse Box: While fuse boxes used to be very common, they’ve discovered circuit breakers are much more efficient and safe. If a circuit breaker trips, it’s a quick reset by the homeowner. When it comes to an older fuse box, not only does the fuse need to be replaced, but you need to have an electrician come out to do that work.

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