An electrical wiring upgrade can be messy and expensive, but there are times when it’s necessary to protect the safety, convenience, and value of your home – especially before fall and winter!

Why An Electrical Wiring Upgrade?

Not having enough power isn’t just an inconvenience. Voltage drop-offs can damage sensitive electronics and fixtures, so having enough power is important to electrical home safety. An electrical audit can show where your home’s electrical efficiency has its shortcomings and show you that it’s time for an essential electrical wiring update

Electrical Wiring Upgrade

Homes more than 40 years old simply do not have the electrical wiring infrastructure to handle the amount of electronics we use on a daily basis, making an electrical wiring upgrade necessary. The price for a whole-house rewiring job–including opening up walls, running new wires, connecting switches, outlets and fixtures, and then repairing the mess–is $3,500 to $8,000 for an average-sized home, although prices can vary. While this sounds like an expensive upgrade, it’s not one you will be able to put off for very long.

When Is The Best Time For An Electrical Wiring Upgrade?

Rewiring can be a messy and expensive proposition, but with a little upfront planning you can minimize the disruptions and even turn the renovation into an opportunity to add features that will increase the value of your home. The best time to rewire is during a remodeling project, such as renovating your kitchen or adding a family room, when subcontractors are opening up your walls anyway. This allows your expert electrician to have easy access to your walls for an upgrade while also helping plan new wiring paths of your renovated kitchen, bathroom, room, or additions. This also means that your rewiring project can fit into a renovation loan’s specifics instead of risking falling for financing technicalities. During a renovation, you can also make sure your wiring can handle all of the latest appliances and fixtures, guaranteeing more efficient lighting and appliances around the home.