Contrary to what you may believe, summer storms aren’t the only weather event that can knock out your home’s power. Among many other reasons, there’s no better time than today to get a generator and be prepared for everything life throws at you.


Generators keep your home on through the worst of times. This includes lights, medical equipment, refrigerators, fire alarms, and more. If your power goes out, it’s difficult to have heat or air conditioning flowing through your home. Your refrigerator is also one of the biggest areas of concern, with food spoilage potentially putting those living in said home at the mercy of non-perishables. Food spoilage during an emergency can pose a serious risk to life, without certainty of where your next meal may come from, you can’t afford to run the risk. In a best-case scenario, you’ll be out an entire grocery list worth of money. Can you afford a worst-case scenario?

Protecting Your Home

With thunderstorms, hurricanes, and even quickly melting snow comes a large amount of water that can cause potential flooding. Luckily your home’s sump pump will combat any flooding issues…until the power goes out. An electric sump pump can’t function without electricity. If you have a generator, it can be used to keep your sump pump running, and help keep your basement from flooding during heavy downpours and other weather emergencies.

protable generator

 While we can all make do without power for a short time, the longer an outage lasts, the less comfortable your home will be without the typical and necessary amenities it usually offers. During a regular day without power, no one likes sitting in the dark without heat (or air conditioning) for long and this is especially true in an emergency. A generator will keep your family happy, comfortable, calm, and thermally safe.

Choosing A Generator

There are two different types of generators that you can utilize during a power outage or when there’s a lack of electricity. A portable generator is a small power supply that usually runs on a rechargeable battery or fuel. Depending on your budget and what devices you want to power, whole-home generators come in different models and sizes. Portable generators are the best option for people who are not allowed to install standby generators because they don’t own the building. They’re also more affordable, although they aren’t always as powerful or convenient. In most cases, investing in a standby generator has the most benefits. A home backup generator offers improved safety and security as well as convenience and efficiency. It also saves you money in the long run if you own a home and often leave for hours at a time. The main difference between a portable generator and a standby generator is that a portable generator isn’t a permanent fixture of the building and must be manually set up for each use. Standby generators are installed so that they can automatically turn on in the case of a power outage to power the devices they are connected to.

Independent of what generator best fits your home, Jenlor Electric is here to help! We can offer you peace of mind and the best power solutions for your current situation and future necessities.