Are you looking to beat a monstrous summer electric bill? Add these things to your summer electrical checklist to prepare for new electricity usage patterns and guarantee your home is working as efficiently as possible!

Install A Smart Thermostat

While you should check on your AC system to make sure it’s under good maintenance, getting a smart thermostat is the next best thing. Your air conditioning encompasses the large majority of your electrical bill in the summertime, with your lights taking up the most usage in winter when daylight hours are scarce. A smart thermostat will help optimize your AC usage so there’s no waste in energy and keep your bills as low as possible when summer brings the heat.

Summer Electrical Checklist

Get a Generator to Protect Your Home

Summer storms are infamously some of the worst year-round and can cause many blackouts. If a bad storm knocks out your power, it could cause serious complications to your home’s electric system, your appliances, critical medical equipment, and your electronics. In the event of flooding, a generator would also help keep your home’s sump pump powered to prevent flooding!

Install A Surge Protection

If a power surge were to hit your home this summer and cause a brief spike in your home’s electrical current, how much damage would it be able to do? Like power outages, a power surge could see tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment destroyed. A power surge could also do extensive damage to everything from air conditioners and pool pumps to laptops and smartphones.

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Add Tree Trimming To Your Summer Electrical Checklist

Gardening is one of the most common activities during the warm months of summer and if you live close to exposed power lines, adding tree trimming to your routine could do more than just keep your yard beautiful. When bad storms strike in the summer, it’s not out of the ordinary for high winds to cause branches to fall off trees and into your power lines. All it takes is one of these branches to knock out the power to your home. It could take hours if not days, for your local electric company to restore your power.

For all your electrical needs this summer, call Jenlor Electric for help preventing electrical damage to your home this summer, generator installations and maintenance, outdoor lighting, electric outlet maintenance, home renovations rewiring, and more!